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Twitter does have real world value

Serendipidy again. Gotta love the power of this ‘public SMS system’. In Sydney for two days and I decide to tweet @hollingsworth to catch up for a coffee. He does a #tweetmyride to see if anyone is in the area and next thing you know, Nick from @SOUTHSYDNEYLIMO is parked outside my hotel collecting me with @hollingsworth! So, once again, @Twitter has tangibly impacted my life. I travelled in style with Tony & Nick (highly recommended – classy, professional service and excellent car), spent a few hours meeting some interesting, stimulating people over great coffee (Thanks Caffe Prego in Mosman) and have sniffed out some Melbourne Meetups. Try doing that without Twitter!

So what did we discuss?

Mobile phone dev platforms, iPad envy, how to set up Posterous and Feedburner to manage podcasts, consulting, ID management, branding, social media, social media tools, P&L focus, Microsoft vs Apple, performance boosting ideas, sharewords, Identity Evangelism, and much more.
A nice balance of geeky, business, and interesting stuff.
Highly recommended, so if you can get to one, do it. Follow #nscm for the next one…

The disconnect between Enterprise and the real world is astounding!

I’ve spent the bulk of my professional career running IT Professional Services business’ in customers, outsource and offshore providers, and I’m astounded how slowly corporates move and don’ t realise the power and value of the’ upside down model’ as @lukerides describes it (the power shifting from the corporates to the consumer).

Our employees currently operate completely in ‘consumer’ mode in their private lives and have to shift gears (often down) in their working environments. Our challenge over the next few years is going to be how to fully embrace the appropriate technologies and practices to leverage what @rossdawson calls the Living Network. Most IT environments, from engineering to project management to enterprise architecture survive on their knowledge workers, but are very poor at creating the right environments to reduce the ‘friction’ in these natural networks to enable better collaboration. The simple ‘connecting’ example above is very simply and easily achieved through Twitter + willingness + zero friction, and my experience with Crowdsourcing here and here is similar, but very hard to replicate inside a corporate environment.

There are very good, practical financial and business reasons not to move fast on some of these issues, but the cost of not doing anything is the real risk.The ‘ROI’ is hard to justify and equally hard to measure (except in coffee, chats and Limo rides!), but we know intuitively that it works and delivers value. How we bridge the divide is the big question. I have some views and approaches for a future post, but I’d be interested in any thoughts or comments?


Special #WorldCup pages created by Twitter. Also watch the opening concert online #aus #rsa #SouthAfrica #Bafana

Twitter has created special pages to follow the World Cup in South Africa.

TechCrunch explains it all here

The South Africa vs Mexico opener is here

and the general World Cup Page is here

Watch the World Cup Opening Concert here online


Get your Face in Space on one of the last 2 remaining @NASA shuttle missions. Sign up now.

I love Space stuff and am definitely going one day.  (Target Date : September 2020), so this is a small step in the right direction.

Crowd funding will get me there (easy – current price $200,000 per flight on Virgin Galactic. 10 years time due to Crowd Volumes the price should drop to around $20,000…)


Sign up for one of the last 2 remaining Shuttle Missions now.

From the NASA site Fly Your Face in Space

NASA wants to put a picture of you on one of the two remaining space shuttle missions and launch it into orbit.”

Join us. I’m on mission STS-134 and number 562 from Australia…
Do it. You know you want to 😉